Most of us understand that lubricants are necessary to keep your vehicle’s engine running smoothly. But what exactly do they do?

OilWorks is a wholesale lubricant supplier in Canal Winchester that works hard to ensure your company has the lubricants it needs, from hydraulic fluids to steering fluids. Below, we’ll take a brief look at lubricants and their function. Contact us for all your wholesale lubricant supply needs today!

Lubricants Reduce Friction

Friction is a force created when two objects come into contact with each other. In fact, friction is what causes objects to stop, such as when you apply the brakes while driving. Otherwise, a moving object would perpetually be in motion. Thus, friction is a good thing, except for when we don’t want it to do its job, such as in engines.

Lubricants Reduce Heat

As you can imagine, when objects come together often enough, heat is generated. You can think of what happens when you rub your hands together on a cold day. In a car’s engine, all of these moving components coming into contact with each other repeatedly generates a ton of heat. Lubricants are designed to minimize the movement in your car’s engine, which keeps the engine cool.

Lubricants Help Prevent Wear and Tear

As your car’s engine parts rub together, tiny microscopic pieces of these parts flake off. Eventually, over time this can wear down your car’s parts, requiring a replacement. Lubricants help to create a film to keep these tiny flakes from rubbing off when engine parts touch.


OilWorks is a top-rated wholesale lubricant supplier in Canal Winchester. Our expert delivery drivers and technicians deliver your lubricants, fuel, and bulk engine oil when you need it. We understand that your vehicle’s engines depend upon this additive to run smoothly. We can schedule either regular delivery or delivery on an as-needed basis. You can count on us to ensure your shop runs smoothly. Call for wholesale lubricant delivery today!