If you think about all of the oil supply that your business uses on a daily basis, it can most definitely add up and be a big expense for a small Powell business. So what can you do to save on your oil supply use?


Conserve Oil for Heating and Cooling

No doubt heating and cooling are big expenses to a small business. In fact, it can be a significant cost depending on how big your space is. However, there are ways you can conserve energy usage and still have your customers and your employees be comfortable. You can do this by increasing the temperature you have for your air conditioning by a degree or two and lowering the temperature for your heating by a small amount as well. Most won’t notice such a small shift in the ambient temperature, and this small move could end up saving your business and your costs in oil supply thousands of dollars over the long run.

Conserve Oil By Combining Transportation Costs

There are many ways that businesses can help save on transportation costs. One of the best ways is to combine trips, especially when you’re on the same side of town. Delivery software has helped delivery companies save on oil supply since they maximize the routes that delivery companies take. This saves on diesel fuel and on oil supply and the savings most definitely adds up over the course of a year.

Conserve Oil for Electrical Use

Electricity is another big drain on a business’s pocketbook. If you think about everything in your office that uses electricity, it can be mind-numbing. From the lights to the breakroom fridge, electrical use is everywhere. By taking simple steps to conserve your electricity use, you’ll save big time on your oil supply. From turning off the lights when not in use to replacing the light bulbs with higher-efficient ones, you’ll begin to notice your electric bill fall substantially.


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