Diesel fuel has many advantages over regular gasoline. It provides more energy per unit of volume, given it greater performance, efficiency, and safety features. Diesel fuel powers most of the transportation vehicles in this country, making it incredibly important to the United States economy. Diesel fuel is made from crude oil that is then refined and sold.

OilWorks in Gahanna is a diesel fuel supplier to Gahanna and the surrounding areas. We offer custom delivery options, as well as hot-shot delivery services for emergencies. As the leading bulk oil distributor near Gahanna, we ensure our customers’ needs are met at every turn. We will install and maintain our equipment so that you can enjoy worry-free diesel fuel supply. Below, we’ll take a quick look at some of the machines you may be using your diesel fuel delivery to power. Call us today!


Farm Equipment

Farmers are the heart and soul of America, producing a lot of the food that we buy in the grocery store. Most farms today operate on a vast scale. Typical farm machinery that uses diesel fuel include combine harvesters, baler, farm trucks, and backhoes. OilWorks prides ourselves on our contribution to the American heartland with diesel fuel supply in Gahanna. Call today.

Construction Machinery

Without heavy equipment, most of the building projects in the United States would slow to a crawl. Homes would take a lot longer to build, and you’d see a lot more potholes in roads. High rise buildings would probably be scraped unless as a memorial, much like The Great Pyramids. In short, our society would not look the same without construction machinery. OilWorks will bring your diesel fuel supply to your job site near Gahanna. Call us today.


OilWorks understands how important regular diesel fuel supply is to your business. Whether you run a trucking company, a farm, or a boat dock, we’ve got your engine oil, diesel fuel, and lubricant needs covered near Gahanna. Our expert team handles all the set up, maintenance, and fueling. We offer affordable prices and delivery times that suit your needs. Call our Top Rated LocalĀ® diesel fuel supplier today!