We all know that without diesel fuel, life as we know it would cease almost immediately. The goods we want would not arrive, and the services we enjoy would not be available. But did you ever stop and think about how diesel fuel even began?

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The history of diesel fuel begins with the horse. Surprised? Rudolf Diesel, the inventor of diesel fuel, was just a student at the time in the 1870s. He noticed how cities were becoming increasingly burdened by the waste generated by horses since, at that time, everyone used them for transportation. This gave him the idea to create a fuel product that could be used to replace the horse. In 1892, he created diesel fuel after years of hard work and refinement. As you can probably surmise, he also invented the diesel engine.

Diesel used the principles of thermodynamics (the study of how heat interacts and works with other forms of energy) to improve the combustion engine and make it more efficient than previously existed. A diesel engine is vastly different from a normal engine. The power of diesel engines is that they do not require any active fuel ignition. The fuel ignites unaided by spark plugs like in regular engines and less fuel is needed per engine stroke. This improves fuel efficiency immensely.

Diesel, unfortunately, died before he could see the true impact of his inventions and refinements. However, the world has benefited enormously.


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