Pataskala was born when the railroad was extended right up to its border in 1851. Still a small town today, Pataskala is full of charm, friendliness, and cheer. Its businesses serve the surrounding community, and we at OilWorks are proud to serve with our diesel fuel delivery.

As mentioned above, what’s the point of diesel fuel if your diesel engine is not working properly? Below, we’ll offer up just a few tips to keep your diesel engine running smooth all year long. Call our diesel fuel delivery company today!


Ensure Your Diesel Engine is Clean

A clean diesel engine is a long-lasting one. Dirt, dust, grime, road salt, and more all can shorten the lifespan of your diesel engine, as well as decrease its fuel efficiency, which can cost you in added diesel fuel costs. The problem with dirt, dust, and such sitting on your truck’s diesel engine is that it’s super easy for this grime to transmit to the interior of your engine, where it can do some serious damage. By spending some time cleaning your diesel engine at your Pataskala home or business, such as with some soap and water, the tried-and-true old toothbrush for tight corners, and a degreaser if you notice thick grease, your diesel engine will continue its beautiful purr for years to come.

Change Your Filters

Playing off our last point, the job of your air and fuel filter is to keep these harmful particulates, bits of pollutants, and other chemicals out of your truck’s engine. When these become clogged, it can’t take any more of these harmful substances out. In the case of an air filter, it also becomes extremely hard for your truck to get the power and acceleration it needs, so it uses more fuel to compensate. In the case of your fuel filter, dirt, rust, and other substances can form and settle at the bottom of your truck’s gas tank, which then can be transferred to the engine when used. Suffice it to say that keeping everything clean in the diesel engines of your Pataskala diesel trucks keeps them running smooth all day long.


If you are looking for exceptional diesel fuel delivery service, partner with OilWorks near Pataskala today!