Our Worthington business customers ask us all the time about how oil and gas is converted to motor oil, gasoline, and lubricants. Below, we’ll take a brief look at the process.



The upstream segment of the oil and gas industry is those involved in the exploration and production of oil and gas. These are the people and the companies (commonly known as E&P, or exploration and production) that utilize technology to find the most likely pockets of oil in order to extract them from beneath the earth. There is a lot of cost and risk involved in the upstream process of oil and gas exploration because drilling is expensive, and if you drill and hit nothing, you’ve wasted all that time, effort and money.


Midstream businesses are those individuals and companies involved in the transportation of oil and gas to oil refineries for further processing. These are also pipeline companies that construct oil and gas pipelines.


Downstream companies are the oil refineries themselves. Here is where impurities in the oil and gas are removed and they are then converted into usable petroleum products for the general public. These oil and gas products include gasoline, fuel for airplanes, asphalt, and so much more.


OilWorks is a bulk oil distributor serving Worthington and all of Central Ohio. Our oil distribution company falls into a separate classification. We take the processed and refined oil from very large distributors and then convey it to our customers, who are mostly small to medium-sized businesses that use bulk oil supplies. Since we offer bulk oil and fuel, we can offer wholesale prices to our customers, saving them money.

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OilWorks is a Top Rated LocalĀ® bulk oil distributor in Worthington. Our oil supply company is known for our timeliness, efficiency, and our high-quality motor oils, lubricants, and diesel fuel, as well as our top-notch customer service. We aim to go above and beyond for our customers by offering tank monitoring services, mobile fuel delivery, and flexible delivery scheduling services. When you partner with us, we ensure your Worthington business stays up and running by never running out of the essential diesel fuel or lubricants that your business needs to serve your customers. Get in touch today!