As a bulk oil distributor in Whitehall, OilWorks understands the importance of timely bulk oil delivery. When your whole livelihood depends on your vehicles running, the last crisis you need to deal with is a fuel crisis. Below, we’ll go over in brief some of the industries that use bulk fuel delivery the most. Contact our oil distribution company today!


Truck Stops

Bulk oil delivery and bulk fuel delivery are essential to a truck stop. Most big rigs in the United States have huge gas tanks, holding on average from 120 to 150 gallons of gasoline, and when you’re a busy truck stop with trucks constantly coming and going, not to mention cars, that’s a lot of bulk oil and gas you are running through. When you partner with OilWorks near Whitehall, you can rest assured your truck stop won’t ever run dry.

Service Stations

Regular gas stations need bulk fuel and bulk oil delivery services just as much as truck stops. While car’s tanks are smaller, a busy gas station still goes through hundreds of gallons of fuel a day. In addition, if you sell propane tanks or motor oil, you’ll need those kept well stocked as well. OilWorks in Whitehall will ensure your bulk oil distribution needs are met every time.

School Districts

Most buses have a lot of stops, and some buses that pick up children out in the country have a long haul both ways, twice a day. School districts rely on bulk oil and bulk fuel delivery in order to keep not only their school buses running, but also other school cars used by the district. OilWorks works closely with school districts in the Whitehall area to ensure they have sufficient supply of bulk fuel and bulk motor oil when they need it.


OilWorks in Whitehall offers the best bulk oil distribution. We pride ourselves on being punctual, timely, efficient, and hassle-free. Once you contract with us, we offer automatic payments so that you never have to worry about a thing. Call our bulk oil distribution company today!

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