Many people not in the automotive or other industries that rely heavily upon heavy machinery don’t understand how indispensable bulk motor oil is for the safe and reliable operation of trucks, cars, and heavy equipment. However, without motor oil, an engine frankly could not operate.

Oilworks is an oil distributor that serves Central Ohio and Obetz. We offer prompt service that helps to minimize downtimes in your operations and equipment and saves you time and money. Our drivers are experts at delivering your diesel fuel, bulk motor oil, and lubricants in a manner that causes minimal disturbances to your operations. We work with you on the time of deliveries as well as on the frequency. Below, we’ll take a brief look at the uses of bulk motor oil in Obetz. Call us today to begin bulk motor oil service!

Controls Friction

Perhaps the most important function of bulk motor oil is that it controls friction in your car or equipment’s engine. Motor oil coats moving parts so that they move smoothly, eliminating the buildup of friction. When motor oil is missing, your engine’s parts move slower. This results in overheating and a decrease in performance capability.


When two pieces of metal grind against each other, they can slowly begin to wear away, resulting in an eventual replacement of those parts. Bulk motor oil prevents these parts from touching in the first place, saving this expense and cutting friction as well.


If you are in the Obetz area, Oilworks can deliver bulk motor oil, diesel fuel, antifreeze, brake fluids, hydraulic and steering fluids, and other lubricants to you. We can install the equipment as well, so you won’t have to worry about a thing. We also monitor your tank levels and ensure you never run low. We offer the best brands that you trust, including Kendall, Phillips 66, Proguard, and more. Call our bulk oil distribution company to get started!