While almost all of us rely on engine oil every day to keep our vehicles in tip-top shape and moving efficiently, do you know how motor oil is made?

OilWorks serves Groveport with the best bulk motor oil distribution, including lubricants and diesel fuel. We’ve been serving the Columbus area with exceptional customer service and unbeatable prices for years. Our highly-trained staff understand the value of on-time delivery, and we do our best to ensure your business does not come to a screeching halt because your motor oil, lubricants, or diesel fuel ran out. Below, we’ll take a brief look at how motor oil is made. Contact our Groveport bulk motor oil distribution company to get started today!


Motor oil is made from crude oil and additives. The crude oil is a mix of petroleum, chemically synthesized materials and compounds, and synthetic petroleum. As most of you know, oil or petroleum comes from within the earth’s crust where it was produced by high pressure from dead organisms. Once the oil is removed from the ground, it is sent for processing to an oil refinery plant where chemical solvents and heat are used and added to make motor oil that keeps your engine performing.

The purpose of the additives to your motor oil helps with wear and tear, corrosion, and viscosity. Finding this balance of petroleum and additives is an arduous process that can be tough to balance, especially as engines become more and more sophisticated.

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