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On-site, Wet line, Mobile fueling

OilWorks Fuel Distributor located in Columbus, Ohio will help fleet managers in today's competitive environment. OilWorks has the expertise to provide solutions to cut cost and save time! Make sure to ask us about IntegriBOOST performance diesel fuel additive!


OilWorks Fuel Distributor in Columbus, Ohio. Whether you are a local farmer, trucking company or government agency, fuel is one of your highest operating expenses. You need a partner who can keep your fuel levels high and your costs down. Regardless of your size, OilWorks can provide a fuel-delivery solution that meets you where you are. Whether you are a large or small operation, OilWorks is your distribution solution! Let us be your fuel distributor!


OilWorks  On-site Fueling keeps your generators full and power flowing. On time fueling



Our mobile on-site fueling service delivers fuel to vehicles and equipment during off-hours. With mobile on-site fueling, you will enjoy reduced fueling time, less equipment downtime and a significant cost savings. When your drivers and equipment operators report for work each morning, their vehicles are fueled and ready to go!


We pride ourselves on keeping customer equipment operational at all times so your business runs smoothly. We offer tank monitoring services to ensure that tank levels are never a mystery.


IntegriBOOST allows your engine to burn much more of the fuel being injected, leading to greater efficiency and less emissions. IntegriBOOST delivers a more complete burn and delivers the maximum efficiency because more fuel powers the engine and very little goes out the exhaust. That doesn’t happen with regular or even premium grade fuel when used alone in your vehicle.

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