• Fuel efficiency. Because of the way diesel engines work, requiring no active fuel ignition, such as the use of spark plugs, this saves on the use of fuel. If you think how many times you start and stop your vehicle, that’s a lot of savings over the course of the lifetime of one vehicle, meaning if you have a fleet of vehicles, this can add up to big money quickly.
  • Can power more with less. Diesel fuel contains more usable energy than regular gasoline. This not only contributes to its intense efficiency, but it only requires a fraction of the fuel to produce a huge amount of power than gas engines can.
  • Workhorses. Diesel engines convert heat into energy instead of dispersing this heat out the tailpipe as gas-powered engines do. This means that you won’t see high-speed performance from diesel engines, making them perfect for large trucks that haul heavy loads for thousands of miles. Rudolf Diesel definitely succeeded when he aimed to create an engine and a fuel that could replace the horse.