Welcome to OilWorks! Whether you’re an auto repair shop, a delivery company, or a trucking company, you need oil to ensure your vehicles’ engines are running smoothly. OilWorks serves Central Ohio, including Columbus, with the best bulk oil distribution. In addition, we offer diesel delivery, generator fueling services, mobile on-site fueling, equipment monitoring, and diesel fuel additives. Our mission is to ensure that your small business has everything it needs to keep running smoothly and with no worries on your part. All of our oil distribution services are customized to meet your business’s needs, and these can change from week-to-week as well. Contact our oil distribution company today to get started!

  1. Diesel Fuel Versus Gasoline oilworks columbus oh

    Diesel Fuel Versus Gasoline

    We learned in our last blog post the differences between diesel and gas engines. We learned that the major differences come from the way fuel is used in the engine. Since gasoline and diesel engines are different, it would make sense that they require a different type of fuel for power. OilWorks is proud to be offering mobile fuel delivery in the greater Columbus area. Our team of professional and…Read More

  2. Oil Distributors Columbus

    The Importance of Lubricants In Your Fleet Vehicles

    Even though most people will recognize the importance of a regular oil change for the health of their vehicle, they may not fully understand oil’s role in their vehicle. The same goes for many lubricants and fluids that are used to maintain a vehicle. The fact is that business owners, even those who manage fleets of vehicles, aren’t mechanics. Business owners need to be able to focus on growin…Read More

  3. The Industries OilWorks Supports

    The majority of the vehicles on the road are powered by some type of fuel, and this will be the case until electric vehicles are an affordable option for consumers. However, until that day, personally owned vehicles, commercially owned trucks, and fleets of buses will need to make a regular trip to the gas station in order to get where they want to go. That is, unless drivers and businesses are ut…Read More