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  1. Different Types of Diesel Fuel oilworks columbus

    Different Types of Diesel Fuel

    We all use fuel every day of our lives, and it could be safe to say almost every minute of our lives. From the heat that heats your home to the water bottle you are drinking from, carbon energy impacts our lives in almost every way. Most of us don't think about all of the products made from energy, including the gas that we put in our vehicles. Did you know that there are different types of diesel…Read More

  2. What a Power Outage Can Cost Your Business oilworks columbus

    What a Power Outage Can Cost Your Business

    Most of us take for granted that when we flip on a switch power will come on. This includes when we hit the start button on any of our appliances, such as washing machines, dishwashers, and microwaves. However, if a power outage occurs, your home and business is suddenly without power. Your cash registers, card readers, automatic doors, lighting, and even security system may go down, leaving your …Read More

  3. The Importance of Generators

    Generators are great inventions that have many uses. These small boxes contain the best of the principles of physics at work. Generators convert mechanical energy into electrical energy that we can then use to power any item we own that uses electricity, from our cell phones to entire homes and buildings. It's truly a marvel of human ingenuity. That being said, it's important to understand the imp…Read More

  4. Diesel Engines Versus Gasoline Engines oilworks columbus ohio

    Diesel Engines Versus Gasoline Engines

    When you are talking about the difference between diesel fuel and gasoline, you are really talking about the difference between a diesel engine and a gas engine and how they work. It is this difference that truly creates the differences in performance that matters to most of us. OilWorks is a diesel fuel supplier in the Columbus, Ohio, area. In addition, we also offer lubricant delivery, such as f…Read More

  5. Benefits of On-Site Fueling Services oilworks columbus

    Benefits of On-Site Fueling Services

    In order to produce energy, you need a fuel source. Back in the day, wood was the main source of fuel because it was plentiful and easy to procure. After all, you just go and chop down a tree and set it on fire. However, as society became more sophisticated, we needed other sources of fuel that could be portable and could be used in liquid form. Whale oil came first and then finally kerosene and g…Read More

  6. diesel fuel myths oilworks columbus

    Diesel Fuel Myths

    Diesel engines were invented in the 1890s by a German mechanical engineer named Rudolf Diesel. These engines were different from the only other engine around, the gasoline engine, because they were a combustion engine. This meant that the fuel was ignited because of mechanical compression and the elevated temperature of the air inside the cylinder. Diesel engines can perform more work than gasolin…Read More

  7. Top Benefits of Fuel Delivery

    There are dozens of ways to make running a business easier and more efficient, enabling owners to save time and money. By hiring outside support teams, utilizing automation, and establishing processes that help save time throughout the day, businesses can focus on growing and providing better service to their customers. At OilWorks, we strive to make business owners' lives easier by providing on-s…Read More

  8. 5 Questions To Ask Before You Choose a Vendor For Your Bulk Fuel and Oil Needs

    When you’re looking for bulk fuel and oil in the Columbus area, you’re probably going to check the internet and type in something like “bulk oil” or “fuel delivery.” When you do that, we know very well that you’re going to run into companies other than ours that offer some of the same services we do (though not necessarily all of the same services, as we’ll discuss below). So how d…Read More

  9. Welcome to OilWorks, Your Columbus Bulk Fuel and Lubricant Supplier

    We’d like to thank you for stopping by OilWorks. We know bulk fuel delivery better than anyone around, and we can handle your wholesale lubricant needs as well. In this series of blogs, we’re going to take a look at everything you’ve ever wanted to know about fuel and lubricant delivery, including who needs it and the savings it can provide to a company. We’re here to provide the Columbus,…Read More