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Even though most people will recognize the importance of a regular oil change for the health of their vehicle, they may not fully understand oil’s role in their vehicle. The same goes for many lubricants and fluids that are used to maintain a vehicle. The fact is that business owners, even those who manage fleets of vehicles, aren’t mechanics. Business owners need to be able to focus on growing and managing their business, not the health of their vehicles.

At OilWorks, we’re here to help businesses manage the maintenance of their vehicles by distributing the lubricants and fluids that vehicles need to run smoothly and efficiently. As a bulk lubricant and oil distributor in the Columbus, Ohio area, we only supply the top brands that businesses owners know and trust, including Phillips 66, Citgo, Kendall, and more. We also provide high-quality motor and gear oils, transmission fluid, brake, and steering fluids, and more. If you want a healthy fleet of vehicles to keep your business running, work with the skilled and knowledgeable team at OilWorks. We have been supplying businesses with fuel and lubricants for years and we know how to provide service that goes above and beyond.

The Function of Lubricants in Vehicles

The blood of any vehicle, oils and fluids are essential components that keep all moving parts, well, moving. But there are several reasons why lubricants are necessary to keep your car, truck, tractor, or bus running efficiently. And without regular maintenance, whether it’s an oil change, having the transmission fluid flushed, or adding antifreeze, the performance of the vehicle will suffer, causing significant damage that could result in equally significant expenses. Whether you call it an oil or a fluid, here are a few basic functions of lubricants in your vehicle.

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The engine, gears, pistons, valves, crankshaft, steering, the transmission system — there are hundreds of moving parts within a vehicle, and many of them work very closely with surrounding parts. Without oil or fluid, two moving parts can create a lot of friction, produce a lot of wear and tear, and can have a huge impact on the performance of the overall vehicle. With the proper oil viscosity and reduced friction, the parts will benefit from a continuous flow, which will increase power output and can protect against the engine seizing, for example.


A driver’s worst nightmare is having the engine overheat. Another function of a vehicle’s lubricants is to carry away heat that is produced, allowing moving parts to remain at a consistent temperature. For example, oil that has flowed through the engine will return to the oil pan. When a vehicle isn’t running, oil will collect in the oil pan as it flows from the crankcase. When the vehicle is turned back on, the oil pump will then pump the oil back through the system. This is also why it’s essential that your vehicle gets the right type of oil. In order to work properly, it must have a high heat resistance.


Lubricants also work to clean the engine and other components of the vehicle. This is one of the biggest reasons why regular oil changes are so important. Carbon and other debris will slowly build up and oil has the ability to clean it off the surface of piston rings, valve stems, valve lifters, rocker arms, and camshafts.


Oil plays a very important role inside the engine. A proper seal between the piston rings and cylinder walls prevents gases from escaping the combustion chamber. Oil works to fill in any gaps, ensuring that there is a proper seal between these two components, allows the parts to move easily, and acts as a cushion when the piston is forced down during combustion.

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The function of lubricants may not be extremely important when you run a construction company and simply want to build structures for your clients. However, when your construction vehicles aren’t properly maintained, it can have a huge impact on your productivity. With a dedicated oil distributor, you can safely rely on your vehicles to perform their functions.

OilWorks is a lubricant and oil distributor in the Columbus, Ohio area and we are passionate about providing reliable and consistent services to our clients. We’ll work closely with you to ensure that your business has the proper lubricants on hand to maintain your vehicles. Our oil delivery services include high-quality motor oils, gear oils, antifreeze, transmission, brake, hydraulic, and steering fluids. Get in touch with our team today to learn how we can make sure your fleet of vehicles is healthy.