What a Power Outage Can Cost Your Business oilworks columbus

Most of us take for granted that when we flip on a switch power will come on. This includes when we hit the start button on any of our appliances, such as washing machines, dishwashers, and microwaves. However, if a power outage occurs, your home and business is suddenly without power. Your cash registers, card readers, automatic doors, lighting, and even security system may go down, leaving your business at a standstill.

OilWorks is a fuel supplier in the Columbus, Ohio region. We offer diesel fuel delivery service, as well as wholesale lubricant and bulk motor oil delivery. We also offer mobile on-site fueling, which includes generator fueling. Generators protect your business from these extremely costly power outages. Below, we’ll look at what a power outage can actually cost your business. Contact our diesel fuel supply company to get started today!


Lost Revenue

This is the biggest loss to Columbus businesses when your power goes out. In the 21st century, almost every process of your business relies on power of some sort, whether it’s computer programs, credit card readers, inventory management, or your restaurant kitchen’s oven and so much more. When the power goes down, most likely, your business is at a standstill, resulting in a loss of all of the business you would have done during that downtime, from hundreds to thousands of dollars and more.

Lost Customers

Customers in the 21st century expect instantaneousness with every interaction. If the power goes down for the company that is hosting your website, your website may go down. When your website goes down, customers across the nation have no idea why. This leads them to believe your site just doesn’t work, resulting in possibly lost customers for life. If someone rolls up to your coffee shop and wants a latte but your machine is down, odds are, they are upset and won’t return. This is damage that is hard to undo even when your excuse is the power is out.

Lost Production Time

If your power goes out, your machines go down. If you are a manufacturing company, all assembly lines stop. Your employees can’t perform their jobs, either. This can put you behind schedule with deliveries and with promised products to customers. This undoubtedly will affect your customer satisfaction ratings. Even if you invest in overtime to make up for the lost time and revenue, you’ll still end up paying more for that extra time.

Lost Employee Productivity

Since most employees work on computers, when the power goes out, your computers go down. This means that employees are now idle, instead of doing work. This can result in a loss of untold hundreds and thousands of dollars because you are now paying your employees and not bringing in any revenue to offset that. This can be a total loss in employee time for Columbus businesses.

Damaged Equipment

Your equipment can be damaged when the power does come back on due to electrical surges. If your equipment is not protected, this can cause even more of a loss because now, instead of just losing productivity while your processes are down, you are now losing more productivity because equipment is broken and now needs repaired.

On-Site Fueling Columbus


Generators can prevent costly downtime that can significantly impact your bottom line based on how electricity dependent your processes are. Generators run off diesel fuel and provide backup power to businesses during these situations. Many businesses do not invest in generators because they are rarely used. However, they are more than worth their price to purchase and maintain when a natural disaster or power outage does occur.

OilWorks offers on-site generator fueling to meet your needs. We offer diesel delivery for generators all across Central Ohio, including for home generators, so that when a storm hits, you don’t have to rely on your power company. We also monitor your equipment so that you can ensure your generators are ready to go when needed. We offer fast and reliable diesel fuel delivery, as well as hot-shot fuel delivery services for emergencies

From diesel fuel delivery to additives, our bulk oil distribution company has got your needs covered. Contact us today!