There are dozens of ways to make running a business easier and more efficient, enabling owners to save time and money. By hiring outside support teams, utilizing automation, and establishing processes that help save time throughout the day, businesses can focus on growing and providing better service to their customers.

At OilWorks, we strive to make business owners’ lives easier by providing on-site fueling for various industries in the Columbus, Ohio area. Whether you’re a school with a fleet of buses, a construction company, an auto dealership, or a farm, we have the on-site fueling and vehicle lubricants you need to keep a well-maintained fleet of cars, trucks, tractors, and more. If you’re not sure this is a service that could benefit your company, here are a few reasons why. If you have any questions, feel free to get in touch with our team today. We’re here to help your business thrive.

Greater Control of Inventory and Security

It may seem counterintuitive that giving control of your fuel to a third-party company can increase your control of inventory and security, but when you work with a trusted and reliable fuel supplier, it does. When it’s the responsibility of employees to refuel vehicles, fuel theft will always be a concern. Employers never suspect that someone they hired would steal from them, but the truth is that it does happen. When an employee is given a fuel card, they may use it to refuel their own personal vehicles, they may accidentally purchase more fuel than you need, or the fuel can be siphoned off. With a dedicated on-site fuel supplier, you can put your trust in them and reduce fuel shrinkage.

On-Site Fueling Columbus

Increase Efficiency and Productivity

Refueling trucks or cars doesn’t sound like it takes a significant amount of time. However, when every employee is refueling their vehicle every day, or even multiple times a day, that time adds up quickly. If your employees are currently refueling their vehicles in the morning, this could easily create a bottleneck, leaving employees to sit around and wait until their turn at the pump. This time spent in line is time that isn’t being spent on the job. With on-site fueling, companies can get their fuel when and where they need it, reducing downtime and increasing efficiency and productivity.

Save Time and Money

There are also several other ways business can save time and money with on-site fueling.

  • Reduce Mileage: If drivers are going to local gas stations to fill up or to purchase fuel for the company, this is adding mileage for that vehicle and labor costs. This can be eliminated with fuel delivery from OilWorks.
  • No More On-site Fuel Storage: Storing your fuel at your business can take up space, increases liability insurance, and the tank will need to be properly maintained. All of these things require either time or money that could be reduced with on-site fueling services.
  • Consistent Fuel Cost: The cost of fuel fluctuates nearly every day, making it difficult to keep an accurate budget as well as making it a challenge to predict future expenses. OilWorks will ensure that you’re spending a consistent amount of fuel and we make it easy for you to monitor how much fuel you’re using.

Customizable Service

A significant benefit of working with a fuel supplier is having the freedom to say when, where, and how you want the fuel to be delivered. If you’re working at a job site north of Columbus and you need fuel delivered on a certain day, we’ll make sure to be there with the exact amount and type of fuel you need. It’s as simple as that. There’s no more taking time out of an employee’s schedule to leave the job and travel to a gas station simply to purchase fuel. This could also put the job at risk of needing to pause while fuel is brought back to the site. The team at OilWorks will ensure that you have what you need, where you need it, when you need it.

Consistent, Reliable Service

Just like we said above, we’ll make sure we’ll bring you what you need, where you need it, and when you need it. Whether it’s diesel fuel or oil lubricants, we will work with your schedule to provide the service that you need. When so many things are beyond your control throughout the day or week, you can rely on us to be there.

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