Benefits of On-Site Fueling Services oilworks columbus

In order to produce energy, you need a fuel source. Back in the day, wood was the main source of fuel because it was plentiful and easy to procure. After all, you just go and chop down a tree and set it on fire. However, as society became more sophisticated, we needed other sources of fuel that could be portable and could be used in liquid form. Whale oil came first and then finally kerosene and gasoline. Now, gasoline, diesel fuel, and motor oil are all indispensable to our way of life, being used in cars, semi-trucks, heavy equipment, and almost every type of machine.

Not too many years ago, when you needed gas for your business vehicles, you headed to the gas station to fuel up. That quickly became a big waste of time, especially if there was a line at the gas station (which if you remember the oil crisis of 1973, the wait could be hours and you were lucky to get fuel). Businesses quickly realized they needed another way, which led to the rise of on-site fueling stations and services.

OilWorks offers mobile on-site fueling services for your Columbus-area fleet vehicles. We can come to your business either during hours or after hours and fuel up all of your vehicles and equipment so that your fleet will always be prepared to hit the ground running. You’ll save time, effort, and money and be able to better serve your customers without costly time delays. Below, we’ll take a look at some of the benefits of on-site fueling services. Call our bulk fuel supplier for a free quote today!



When you look all around, you’ll notice that the businesses that are thriving are those that are offering convenience to their customers. From fast food and gas stations on every street corner to Amazon who will deliver anything and everything to your front door, if you can solve a customers’ problem easily, you will prosper. On-site fueling services near Columbus are easy and simple. In fact, you don’t have to do anything at all. Your staff shows up and goes. It’s that simple.

Pay Bulk Fuel Prices

If you were to go to the gas station every time you needed fuel, you would notice that your fuel prices would go up. This is because you are buying fuel in small amounts, which means you are paying full price for it. When you invest in on-site fueling services, you will pay bulk fuel prices. This is because by buying in larger quantities, the price per gallon of fuel goes down because it’s more affordable to deliver. This cost savings is then passed on to you, the customer.


By investing in on-site fueling services, you will find that you are more in control. You’ll be better able to accurately budget fuel costs having a set price for your bulk fuel delivery, rather than pay whatever whims you encounter at the pump. Plus, you can control your inventory as well. You can stock up on bulk fuel when the price is low to save for an emergency or just to save money by always having fuel on-hand.

Promotes Longevity of Your Fleet Vehicles

If you thought about the number of times you would have to drive to get gas and multiply that by the number of vehicles in your fleet, you’d probably come up with a huge number. Now think about how that is wasting your money. You are driving to get gas, putting unnecessary miles on your vehicle, and wasting fuel to get there.

Both are costing you money. The former because you are putting undue extra miles on your fleet and causing more wear and tear than necessary. This will not only shorten the life of your vehicle, but it will also up your maintenance costs because your vehicle will be in the shop more often. This means this vehicle will be out of commission, which could cost you sales since you don’t have a vehicle. As you can see, on-site fueling services in Central Ohio could well be worth its weight in gold.


OilWorks offers the best on-site fueling services for your Columbus-area business. Call for a free quote today!