When you pull up to the pump to get gas, you often see different types of fuel selections. For the most part, you ignore all the others except the one you need, not paying too much attention to the others. However, it’s important to understand what these different types of fuel are since one day you may own a vehicle that runs off a different fuel type than the one you are currently using.

OilWorks offers the best bulk diesel delivery services. We not only deliver diesel fuel, but we also deliver oils and lubricants so that you have everything you need to keep your business moving. Below, we’ll take a brief look at the different types of fuel you’ll see at the pump. Contact us for all your bulk oil distribution needs today!



We’ll start with the most common type of fuel: gasoline. Gasoline is used mostly by vehicles for everyday use. It also is used by motorcycles and other machinery, as well as for household use, such as lawn mowers. At the pump, you’ll often see three different octanes, or ratings, of gasoline. This indicates their burn rate. The lower the octane, the faster and stronger it burns. Contrary to popular belief, you won’t get a better fuel economy by increasing the octane of your gasoline.


While gasoline powers most passenger cars in the United States, diesel fuel powers most of the trucks and heavy equipment you use. Diesel fuel is required for diesel engines, which work in a fundamentally different way than gas engines. Furthermore, diesel fuel and engines are more stable, which means they hold more potential energy, and they are more efficient than gas engines. Call OilWorks for your diesel fuel supply today!


Ethanol is a type of biofuel that is produced with renewable energy resources (fossil fuels are considered nonrenewable due to the fact that it takes so long for the earth to make them), such as sugarcane. Ethanol is a common additive to gasoline, but very few cars run off pure ethanol. However, you might see E85 at the pump, which is commonly known as “flex fuel” and contains more ethanol than other types of fuels.


Bio-diesel is a type of diesel fuel that is made using vegetable oils or animal fats, as well as lard or algae. Emissions for biodiesel are lower than those from regular diesel fuel. Most diesel engines can use some biodiesel, but if you want to use all biodiesel, a new diesel engine will be required.


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We understand how crucial timely delivery is to your business, which is why we pride ourselves on our fuel-monitoring services and on our delivery times. We can work around your schedule, and we offer regular delivery, one-time diesel fuel delivery, or 24-hour emergency fuel delivery services. We never want you to have to stop working because you run out of fuel and then need to send one of your employees for an emergency run. We work diligently to monitor your diesel fuel, motor oil, and lubricant supply to ensure this scenario does not happen to you.

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